A place that will steal a pizza your heart

I love food. Being an ex-chubster, food is everything.

I’m all over exploring tastes and discovering new places to eat, but when you’re constantly living on a budget you can’t eat out every night.

When most people think of Aberdeen they think “Oil” and with the current downturn they now think “What’s there?”.

It’s no shock that the downturn has affected a lot of businesses but surprisingly there has been a real boom of new independent eateries in Aberdeen – from coffee shops to bistros, these new additions to the city are creating a new leading industry for the city.

I love to cook but when it comes to “date night” me and Emma (also known as the GF, Emzer, Emil or Emzil) like to get out of the flat and eat out.

We’re both stingey, inspecting menus with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that we’re getting value for money. I’ll admit, some food places in Aberdeen still have their oil hat on and come in quite pricey, creating a struggle to find places that fit with my ever-tightening budget.

A few months ago, Nick Nairn launched his new pizza bar & café underneath his cook school on Back Wynd.

The first thought that came to mind was “Nick Nairn, that will be pricey”. But, never one to judge a book by its cover, I made a bee line for the good old tinter-web to dig some dirt.

Soon enough my thoughts changed to “eh BARGAIN!” with pizzas prices between £7-£9 and around £4 for a glass of wine – date night, sorted.

When you walk in through the door, the place oozes good vibes. Your eyes take in the fresh and modern design, your ears pick faint sounds of chilled playlist and the rustic smell of pizza fills your nose. All the stresses of the day are left outside on the cobbled street of Back Wynd.

We were onto a winner, the place looked great, smelled awesome and fit within budget, but we hadn’t spotted any pizzas yet.

“What if they’re tiny, miniscule, microscopic?” my inner fat kid never fails to set in sheer catastrophe that I’ll go hungry.

Fidgeting like an addict being weaned off their addiction, I looked anxiously around the bar to spot a fresh delivery of pizza onto a neighbouring table. With empty plates surrounding us, my detective leads were bulldozed.

Rather than sitting like absolute goons with no food we eventually looked at the menu and ordered like normal (ish) people!

The menu has a great spread of choices but isn’t packed with options – perfect for a tag teaming duo who like to choose different options to fully optimise cross-tasting.

A quick turn-around from order to service, my anxiety levels were immediately settled when generously sized pizzas arrived to our table.

If you’re going to order anything, order ‘The Garlic Mushroom’ pizza, there’s not even a word that describes how good this pizza is – but if you’re a mushroom hater like Emzer, get yourself ‘The Prosciutto’ to be equally impressed.

It was a Colin Fraser first on our visit, I had no room for pudding NO ROOM!! There’s always room for pudding in my book but we couldn’t even think of eating more. It pained us to bypass the desert menu but full bellies and no dessert equals budget bill.

So, if you’re on a budget but in urgent need of a date night – Nick’s Pizza Bar & Café is your go to for a night of great food, wine and all-round chill.

Excuse me while I go raid the cupboards, this pizza chat is making my inner fatty come out for a feast.



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