Cfras Bakes: Cake

The bake off returned to our screens a week ago and it was like nothing ever changed.

The opening titles remained the same, the tent was still there and the format still ran as normal – the only thing different … PEE BREAKS! Never have I seen so many baking specific ads crammed into 15 minutes – employees of Channel 4 can sleep well knowing a big Christmas bonus is coming their way.

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Festive Focaccia

As the clock ticks closer to Hogmanay, we scatter around the shops looking for supplies to stock up the house for guests coming over to welcome the New Year.

I love being a host, but there is nothing worse than the fear of running out of food and starving your guests. Being the host comes at a cost though and if you’re too generous, you can end up spending a weighty sum. Continue reading “Festive Focaccia”

There’s always room for pie

Usually when September hits the count-down to Halloween starts. Planning goes into turbo mode – scrolling through google to pin down what to dress as, creating the usual Facebook event page for the annual flat party and decorations draping the flat. I love Halloween. Continue reading “There’s always room for pie”

The perfect after work meal

It’s been one of those days again, work’s been non-stop and feels like your head might be one more question away from exploding. Five o’clock hits “yaaaaas home time”, then you realise that the last question that saved your brain from exploding is away to rear its ugly head “what do I make for dinner?”. Continue reading “The perfect after work meal”