Cfras Bakes: Cake

The bake off returned to our screens a week ago and it was like nothing ever changed.

The opening titles remained the same, the tent was still there and the format still ran as normal – the only thing different … PEE BREAKS! Never have I seen so many baking specific ads crammed into 15 minutes – employees of Channel 4 can sleep well knowing a big Christmas bonus is coming their way.

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How I’m sticking to this year’s resolution

It’s the start of a new year welcoming another January filled with resolutions we set out to change but struggle to keep.

When I look back, I don’t think I have ever made a resolution that I have stuck to – it’s all change this year! Continue reading “How I’m sticking to this year’s resolution”

There’s always room for pie

Usually when September hits the count-down to Halloween starts. Planning goes into turbo mode – scrolling through google to pin down what to dress as, creating the usual Facebook event page for the annual flat party and decorations draping the flat. I love Halloween. Continue reading “There’s always room for pie”

Moving day – but not for me (yet) …

As I sit on my bed in cold Aberdeen, all I think is “how the bloody hell do I start this blog?”.

A severe case of first blog nerves? I think so.

Let’s start with the basics about me: Scottish, 23, events management graduate, full timer, renting, long distance runner, love a fly cup and an all-round goof.

It feels every time I do a scroll through Instagram or Facebook, I’m greeted with at least one “moving day *excited emoji*” first home post by people my age and sometimes younger. Rage sets in and I think “why is that not me?” – the answer – savings. Continue reading “Moving day – but not for me (yet) …”